There is an oriental saying that represents good manners in all Martial Arts

Rei Ni Hajimara Rei Ni Owaru 

Which translation means that:

Martial Arts should always start and finish with a bow .
This etiquette is an integral part of Budo and without it the martial arts would be just another form of street fighting.
The apprentice must practise etiquette in order to make themselves a better person.

Dojo Rules and Etiquette

These rules are designed to give Karate dignity and composure, and are very much a character of the activity. Everyone in a dojo, from chief instructor down to beginner will observe the basic rules of the dojo, of etiquette and of bowing.

The Word of Words .
The expression OSS was created in the Japanese Naval School and is universally used for everyday expressions such as; I under¬stand, I will try etc.

Spoken while performing a bow, OSS expresses acknowledgement, respect, and confidence to a partner.

It also tells the sensei  that the instructions were understood, and that the student will do his or her best to follow them accordingly.

The O  in Japanese means push or effort 

The SS  in Japanese means to endeavour 

Therefore when set together signifies, to make an effort, to
Push or endeavour
I will try hard 
I will keep trying 

Just as in any teaching activity students would not be expected to talk amongst themselves whilst the teacher is conducting a class. This is not because the instructor wants to assert his authority over the class, but because the student's talking are not concentrating on the work in hand, and are therefore not progressing. This will also distract the attention of other students, breaking their concentration and hindering their progress. The time for chatting and questions is when the class has finished.

If the instructor asks you to sit down, move to the wall and sit with your legs crossed. Do not let your feet spread out, where they could trip other students, do not lounge about; these are the bad habits of an undisciplined Karateka.

N.B. These rules also extend to spectators. When an instructor has allowed people to watch a lesson, they should observe the dojo rules and respect the rule of silence during his instruction.
  Karate etiquette and all its protocols (respect, discipline, dedication and honour) come very high on my list of priorities and as the founder and Chief Instructor of SenShinRyu Karate clubs feel that it is my duty to uphold these standards within my classes, to their highest level.

The Dojo-kun

Is basically a moral guide as to how a karate student should behave inside and outside the dojo
1. To seek perfection of Character
2. To follow the path of Truth
3. To foster a spirit of Ethics
4. To follow the principles of Etiquette
5. To guard against impetuous Behaviour

Always be on time for your classes (try to arrive 10/15 minutes before lesson)

Permission must be asked from the Instructor before joining or leaving a class.

Always bow before entering and leaving the dojo, or when addressing your Instructors.

Take pride in your appearance (Karate Gi should be clean, ironed and fitting properly)

Drinking, eating, chewing gum, swearing or smoking are not allowed inside dojo.

All jewellery, wristwatches, earrings, rings: etc. should be removed before training.

Address all Instructors with respect and call them Sensei  (3rd Dan) or Sampie  (2nd / 1st Dan) accordingly.

Long hair (male or female) should be safely tied back.

Fingers and toenails must be kept short and clean at all times.

Female students are permitted to wear a white T-shirt under their karate suit.

Male students are not (unless permission has been sought).

All grading are based on recommended number of hours trained. (please see student syllabus)

It is the student's responsibility to keep their SKA (EKF) licence/registration/record books safe and up-to-date.

Treat all other students with the same respect that you would expect.

Try to notify the club secretary or Instructor if you are unable to attend a lesson.

Be proud of your emerging ability and your club, but never be egotistical, arrogant or vane.

Never do anything to bring shame upon your club or the SenShinRyu Karate Assc.